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ATTENTION: Entrepreneur Minded Sales/Real Estate Professionals

Are you a self starter? If so we are looking for 7-10 people (this month) we can mentor to run an online business working from home selling real estate investing training.

Here’s the scoop...

If you qualify to be part of this exclusive group of online entrepreneurs we will plug you into our Fast Track to Freedom program and help you earn healthy commission checks while you learn our methods.

How healthy can your commission checks get?

One of our new sales reps (a former University Professor with no prior sales experience or online experience) set a company record with a 100K month after earning over $453,000 in his first 15 months.

Now I must point out this result is extraordinary. This new sales rep worked hard for 15+ months to develop his skill and put himself in a position to have a 100K month. There are no assurances you will have a 100K month or even make a dollar for that matter. What I can assure you is that you’ll get access to the exact methods we use to build $10,000 per month businesses.

In case you were wondering…

Please know you will not be asked to build a team of 20,000 people by bugging your friends and family members. Bugging and chasing friends and family members is not our model.

No tiny commission checks here either. We will show you how to earn up to $10,000 for just one sale.

Just imagine what one $10,000 sale per month would do for your lifestyle. How many of those would you have to make a month to put a smile on your face...

… heck, even if you wanted to take it easier than some and make one $10,000 sale every other month working part-time from home -- you’d still be excited right!

Just listen to what several of our new team members had to say:

(Gotta get this in to make my lawyers happy :) The testimonials below are by some team members who wanted to share. They do not necessarily reflect a typical experience.)

“I was super skeptical as you never know who you can trust online these days. However, I decided to sign up and follow the fast start checklist exactly as I was told. I started my business on a Saturday, was generating leads by Sunday and had my first sale Monday afternoon. I’ve never seen anything as simple and streamlined as this.” - Drew H., South Carolina


“I’m so glad I took a leap of faith to participate in this. It is clear that wealth is created by a good system and a great mentor not by people. Everything was executed in a very simple way, step by step. Love it! I made my first $8,000 sale in less than 7 days!” - Bernadette S., Toronto


“I’ve had a lot of experience working inside of systems over my career, but nothing compares to this. I was excited to discover everything works exactly the way it was described. I had my first sale in 9 days!” - Elijah C., New Jersey


“I have to admit I was skeptical at first. I’ve seen a lot of stuff online over the years, but this just felt trustworthy and different. So I signed up and what do you know. It worked! I made my first sale in my first 13 days. Now I’m a believer!” - Jeff C., California


“I can’t believe how much easier it is to have success online when you have the right system and mentorship on your side. I’m so glad I decided to do this. I almost said no, because it sounded too good to be true, but then I figured I had nothing to lose since I had seven days to change my mind. So I jumped in immediately and took action right away. I did exactly what I was told to do. The support has been incredible. I’m excited to share I made my first sale in 23 days. Woohoo! More to come.” - Kamry S., Texas


Here’s how it works…

If you qualify to be part of our team then you’ll get full access to our online lead generation system. Our team has tested over $100,000 in advertising to create a system that produces results a heck-of-a-lot-easier than it would be if you were trying to do all this on your own from scratch.

So you can rest assured you’ll be in experienced hands with the support you’ll get.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking (or at least you should be)…

“What about the leads I’ll be generating. Do I have to talk to them on the phone?”

Well here’s the great news!

If you’re someone who is tired of prospecting and closing on the phones…

… or for whatever reason (or even no reason at all) you just don’t want to then we’ll take care of all the phone prospecting and closing for you.

**Please know this is NOT a job.**

This is an opportunity to start an online business as an independent marketing affiliate just like our other Fast Track to Freedom members. There will be an upfront investment to get started if you qualify. If that scares you then this is not for you. There are no free rides here.

Here’s how you know if you qualify:

  • You’re coachable
  • You have a working computer and internet connection
  • You’re not afraid of work
  • Big Thinker (or at least opened to be trained to think bigger)
  • You understand starting a business does require an upfront investment of both time and money
  • You’re a self starter (meaning we don’t need to babysit you)
  • You have a positive attitude and mindset about money

Additional benefits:

  • Set your own hours
  • Work from anywhere
  • Nobody micromanaging you
  • Build it part-time (as little as 10-15 hrs per week)
  • Work with a 7-figure online producer (and decorated military officer) who will teach you everything he’s learned around building a successful online business

As mentioned, we are looking for 7-10 self starters this month to mentor inside our Fast Track to Freedom program.

If you’d like to learn more then click the link below. When you do you’ll be given access to watch a complete business overview video from one of our top earners who has had six figure sales months using the same system you’ll get full access to if you qualify.

Fortune favors the bold!


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New! Build Your First Online Business Part-Time or Full-Time With This!